Note: Starting on January 2, 2014, all our Venture activities will be conducted via Kebran Ventures at We hope to see you there.


Big ideas are encouraged:


So you think you're upto some thing innovative and want help in finding a good domain name and you've got a vision and the discipline to turn ideas into reality? Then you may just be a fit with us. Domainbns often earmarks domain name (s) for ideas we're hoping to add value to.





We like investing our Domains and resources in ebranding in early stage startups that have a focus in Media, Clean Tech, Software/Hardware, Manufacturing and charities.

How it works:

Start with a Domain Name with an "Offer Stock" or "Causes" Button. Chances are, we believe that we can add value to such an idea. We could also help you buy a domain name on the affordable side. Fill all the required information and we will get intouch with you.

How much will it cost you?:

For Charities: Only your best efforts to make your ideas work. But first, we will have to dig your cause. 

For profit: Some sort of Stock (ownership in your venture), your best efforts and some indication that you're the right team to back. Expert knowledge and social proof will take you along way with  us.

The process and who is involved:

You contact us, we request some info, We get talking, We do our deligence, we close in 2-4 weeks. You'r team, Lawyers, our management

Before Your contact us:

Plan on being memorable...the guy in charge has a DIE disorder. (Disregard for immemorable events-yeah we coined that). Have an excecution plan and some kind of MVP. A capable founding team, a lawyer, some social proof, some kind of legal entity and a whole lot of guts.


We do not warranty anything except that you work with us in confidence. And we are always on the look out for projects we want to participate in.