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Frequently Asked Questions:  Read this

Please spend some time to read about some of the primary facts we want you to know about our Premium Domain Names Creative Process. This information will make it easier for you to be clear about yours and our expectations when doing business.

Who owns the domainname(s) listed herein?

We own rights to a significant amount of domains herein. Depending on the listing size, Loudlif may own between 80-90% of the listing.


Domain Transfer Rules:


  1. Regulations prohibit transferring domains that are less than 60 days old (or were transferred between registrars within the last 60 days). Please note that for new created domains, buyers must wait for at least 60 days before we do any transfers.
  2. EPP authentication code will be required for all .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .ca, .cc, .co, .de, .in, .me, .tv and .us domains transfers. You must open an account with your preferred registrar so you can use the EPP code we provide you.
  3. Please make sure to re-lock your domain at your new registrar to secure you domain against illegitimate transfers.
  4. For all .uk domain transfers, we will update your IPS tag to ENOM before submitting initiating the transfer.

How does Dobns come up with all these domains?

Dobns is run and hires trained advertising, ebranding, computer engineers and technology proffessionals with one goal of helping businesses in finding a good domain name. We take a creative approch to generating domains. We brain-storm, daydream and spend endless hours of our time thinking domains and Branding products online.

Do you offer branding services to customers?

No we do not. We come up with a domain name brand, you do the rest.

What constitutes a sale?

You find a domain name you like, you agree to our "terms of service" you check out an item, we process payment, you sign a contractual document we provide you, we transfer the domain to your name. With these steps, a sale has been finalised.

Do you warranty any domains names?

We warranty that for every domain we list, we have the rights to its sale and transfer. We do no imply explecitily or implicitly that the domains we list are good for a particular service or use. And we certainly do not warranty that any domain we sell is prescriptive for what you want to use it for.

Once I buy the domain brand, do you guys have any claims on it?

Once fully paid and transferred, it is your domain brand. You're responsible for the administration, fees, and any such requirements expected of one owning a domain name.

I found a domain listed here for sell somewhere else.

Let us know. Chances are the seller is a scam. We do not list our domain names for sell any where else.

Should I pay some other company to backorder your domains?

No you shouldn't, we have no intentions of dropping any of our domains. Any promises from some other company regarding backorders are something you should avoid. Additionally, we own creative rights such as copyrights; making it a lossing proposition for anyone intending to resort to tricks such as backordering or even registering our domains with extensions other than the ones herein. Please report any websites claiming to sell our domains and we will be happy to extend a discount for any of your purchases from us.

Can I register one of your domains with a different (TLD) such as .co or .eu?

We invest an enormous amount of resources to generate each domain we list. Be sure not to inflinge on our creative rights.  Its your choice. Lose or win.

What do I purchase?

The right to own and use a domain name brand you've purchased from The Dobns Agency.

How long does it take to transfer a domain to me should the transaction be completed?

It usually takes about 3-4 business days.

How do I know i am not dealing with a  Phishing site?

Look for the Green-Bar in your browser. It should say " WW Inc. with a small locked padlock. Click and verify the certificate. You can also go to and check us out to verify that its the real Dobns Agency at notice that all our site is encrypted as so your personal data is protected.